Clinical efficacy

Chiu, C. J., Menacho, L., & Young, S. D. (2014). The association between age and ethics-related issues in using social media for HIV prevention in Peru. Ethics and Behavior, 26 (2), 99-109.
Clinical efficacy, Research risks and benefitsPeople at risk for HIV, Online and social media research, Survey researchCommunity organizationsPeru

Kostick, K. M., Weeks, M., & Mosher, H. (2014). Participant and staff experiences in a peed-delivered HIV prevention with injection drug users. JERHRE, 9 (1), 6-18.
Clinical efficacyInvestigator practices and perspectives, Research misconductInvestigatorsPeople at risk for HIVPeople who inject drugsCommunity-engaged researchCommunity organizationsUnited StatesQualitative (QL)

Quirk, M. E., Godkin, M. A., & Schwenzfeier, E. (1993). Evaluation of two AIDS prevention interventions for inner-city adolescent and young adult women. American journal of preventive medicine.
Clinical efficacy, Adolescents, People at risk for HIV, People at risk for or with other STIsCommunity-engaged research, Multimedia, Community organizations, Health-care facilitiesUnited StatesMixed methods (MM)

Rajabiun, S., Mallinson, R. K., McCoy, K., Coleman, S., Drainoni, M., Rebholz, C., & Holbert, T. (2007). Getting me back on track: The role of outreach interventions in engaging and retaining people living with HIV/AIDS in medical care. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 21(Supp. 1), S20-S29.
Clinical efficacy, Voluntariness and self-efficacy, People living with HIV, Health-care facilities, United States, Qualitative (QL)

Sahin, Y. S., Iyigun, E., & Acikel, C. (2014). Validity and reliability of a Turkish version of the Modified Moral Sensitivity Questionnaire for student nurses. Ethics and Behavior, 25 (4), 351-359.
Clinical efficacyCollege students and young adultsEthics education, Survey researchHealth-care facilities, Turkey, Quantitative (QT)

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