Multicultural competence

Brody, H., Croisant, S. A., Crowder, J. W., & Banda, J. P. (2015). Ethical issues in patient-centered outcomes research and comparative effectiveness research: a pilot study of community dialogue. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 10 (1), 22-30.
Multicultural competenceAdults (other)Community organizationsUnited StatesQualitative (QL)

Brown, E. J. & Hill, M. A. (2005). Perceptions of HIV risks and prevention strategies by rural and small city African Americans who use cocaine: Views from the inside. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 26, 359-377.
Multicultural competence, Research risks and benefits, People at risk for HIV, People at risk for or with substance use addictions, Community-engaged research, Community organizations, Health-care facilities, United States, Qualitative (QL)

Calsyn, D. A., Burlew, A., Hatch-Maillette, M. A., Wilson, J., Beadnell, B., & Wright, L. (2012). Real men are safe-culturally adapted: Utilizing the Delphi process to revise Real Men Are Safe for an ethically diverse group of men in substance abuse treatment. AIDS Education And Prevention, 24(2), 117-131.
Multicultural competence, People at risk for HIV, People at risk for or with other STIsClinical Trials, United StatesQuantitative (QT)

Chaisson, L. H., Kass, N. E., Chengeta, B., Mathebula, U., & Samandari, T. (2011). Repeated assessments of informed consent comprehension among HIV-infected participants of a three-year clinical trial in Botswana. PloS one,6(10), e22696.
Informed consent (adults), Multicultural competence, Research risks and benefits, Clinical trials, Government agencies, Health-care facilities, BotswanaQuantitative (QT)

Deng, J., Qian, M., Gan, Y., Hu, S., Gao, J., Huang, Z., & Zhang, L. (2015). Emerging practices of counseling and psychotherapy in China: ethical dilemmas in dual relationships. Ethics and Behavior, 26 (1), 63-86.
Multicultural competenceResearch misconductTherapeutic misconceptionAdults (other)Survey researchHealth-care facilitiesChinaQualitative (QL)

Garber, M., Hanusa, B. H., Switzer, G. E., Mellors, J., & Arnold, R. M. (2007). HIV-infected African Americans are willing to participate in HIV treatment trials. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 22(1), 17-42.
Multicultural competence, Voluntariness and self-efficacy, People living with HIV, Clinical trials, Health-care facilities, United States, Quantitative (QT)

Lakes, K. D., Vaughan, E., Jones, M., Burke, W., Baker, D., & Swanson, J. M. (2012). Diverse perceptions of the informed consent process: Implications for the recruitment and participation of diverse communities in the National Childrens Study. American Journal of Community Psychology, 49, 215-232.
Assent and self-consent (children and adolescents), Informed consent (adults), Multicultural competence, Research risks and benefits, Children, Adults (other), United States, Qualitative (QL)

Pearson, C. R., Parker, M., Fisher, C. B., & Moreno, C. (2014). Capacity Building from the Inside Out: Development and Evaluation of a CITI Ethics Certification Training Module for American Indian and Alaska Native Community Researchers. Journal Of Empirical Research On Human Research Ethics, 9(1), 46-57.
Multicultural competence, Research risks and benefits, Adults (other), Community-engaged research, Ethics education, Community organizations, United States, Mixed Methods (MM)

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