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Randomization, Research risks and benefits, Ethics education, United States

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Randomization, Research risks and benefits, People at risk for HIV, People who inject drugs, United States, Qualitative (QL)

Simes, R. J., Tattersall, M. H., Coates, A., Raghavan, D., Solomon, H. J., & Smartt, H. (1986). Randomised comparison of procedures for obtaining informed consent in clinical trials of treatment for cancer. British medical journal (Clinical research ed.), 293(6554), 1065.
Informed consent (adults), Randomization, Adults with other health problems, Clinical trials,Health-care facilities, AustraliaQuantitative (QT)

Timmermans, S. & McKay,T. (2009). Clinical trials as treatment option: Bioethics and health care disparities in substance dependency. Social Science & Medicine, 69, 1784-1790.
Randomization, Therapeutic misconception, People at risk for or with substance use addictions, Clinical trials, Health-care facilities, United States, Qualitative (QL)

Uuskula, A., Johnston, L. G., Raag, M., Trummal, A., Talu, A., & Des Jarlais, D. C. (2010). Evaluating recruitment among female sex workers and injecting drug users at risk for HIV using respondent-driven sampling in Estonia. Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, 87(2), 304-317.
Randomization, People at risk for HIV, People involved in sex work, People who inject drugs, Estonia, Mixed Methods (MM)

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