Therapeutic misconception

Deng, J., Qian, M., Gan, Y., Hu, S., Gao, J., Huang, Z., & Zhang, L. (2015). Emerging practices of counseling and psychotherapy in China: ethical dilemmas in dual relationships. Ethics and Behavior, 26 (1), 63-86.
Multicultural competenceResearch misconductTherapeutic misconceptionAdults (other)Survey researchHealth-care facilitiesChinaQualitative (QL)

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Therapeutic misconceptionVoluntariness and self-efficacyAdults (other), Clinical trialsEthics educationHealth-care facilitiesUnited StatesQuantitative (QT)

Joffe, S., Cook, E. F., Cleary, P. D., Clark, J. W., & Weeks, J. C. (2001). Quality of informed consent in cancer clinical trials: a cross-sectional survey. Lancet, 358(9295), 1772-1777.
Informed consent (adults), Therapeutic misconception, Adults with health problems, Clinical trials, Health-care facilities, United States, Quantitative (QT)

Kim, SYH, Holloway, R., Frank, S., Wilson, R., Kieburtz, K. (2008). Trust in early phase research: therapeutic optimism and protective pessimism. Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy. 11(4), 393-401.
Informed consent (adults), IRB practices and perspectives, Research risks and benefits, Research trust and mistrust, Therapeutic misconception, IRB members, Clinical trials, Survey research, United States, Qualitative (QL)

Ott, M. A., Alexander, A. B., Lally, M., Steever, J. B., & Zimet, G. D. (2013). Preventive misconception and adolescents’ knowledge about HIV vaccine trials. Journal Of Medical Ethics: Journal Of The Institute Of Medical Ethics, 39(12), 765-771.
Assent and self-consent (children and adolescents), Therapeutic misconceptionAdolescents, People at risk for HIV, People at risk for or with other STIs, Clinical trials,Health-care facilities, United StatesQualitative (QL)

Timmermans, S. & McKay,T. (2009). Clinical trials as treatment option: Bioethics and health care disparities in substance dependency. Social Science & Medicine, 69, 1784-1790.
Randomization, Therapeutic misconception, People at risk for or with substance use addictions, Clinical trials, Health-care facilities, United States, Qualitative (QL)

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