Akkad, A., Jackson, C., Kenyon, S., Dixon-Woods, M., Taub, N., & Habiba, M. (2006). Patients’ perceptions of written consent: questionnaire study. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 333(7567), 528.
Informed consent (adults), Adults (other), Survey research, Health-care facilities,EnglandQuantitative (QT)

Arscott, K., Dagnan, D., & Kroese, B. S. (1998). Consent to psychological research by people with an intellectual disability. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 11(1), 77-83.
Informed consent (adults), Voluntariness and self-efficacy, Research risks and benefits,Adults with neurological disorders, Clinical trials, Community organizations, Educational institutions, EnglandQuantitative (QT)

El-Wakeel, H., Taylor, G. J., & Tate, J. J. T. (2006). What do patients really want to know in an informed consent procedure? A questionnaire-based survey of patients in the Bath area, UK. Journal of medical ethics, 32(10), 612-616.
Informed consent (adults), Research risks and benefits, Adults (other), Clinical trials,Survey research, Health-care facilities, EnglandQuantitative (QT)

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