Fry, C. & Dwyer, R. (2001). For love or money? An exploratory study of why injecting drug users participate in research. Addiction, 96, 1319-1325.
Research risks and benefitsPeople at risk for or with other substance abuse addictionsPeople who inject drugsSurvey researchCommunity organizations, Australia, Mixed methods (MM)

Haire, B. (2013). Ethics of Medical Care and Clinical Research: A Qualitative Study of Principal Investigators in Biomedical HIV Prevention Research. Journal Of Medical Ethics: The Journal Of The Institute Of Medical Ethics, 39(4), 231-235.
Investigator practices and perspectives, Investigators, Research staff, Clinical trials, Health-care facilities, AustraliaQualitative (QL)

Simes, R. J., Tattersall, M. H., Coates, A., Raghavan, D., Solomon, H. J., & Smartt, H. (1986). Randomised comparison of procedures for obtaining informed consent in clinical trials of treatment for cancer. British medical journal (Clinical research ed.), 293(6554), 1065.
Informed consent (adults), Randomization, Adults with other health problems, Clinical trials,Health-care facilities, AustraliaQuantitative (QT)

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