Community Advisory Board

Lairumbi, G. M., Michael, P., Fitzpatrick, R., & English, M. C. (2012). Forms of benefit sharing in global health research undertaken in resource poor settings: A qualitative study of stakeholders views in Kenya. Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine, 7(7).
Research risks and benefits, Adults (other), Community Advisory Board, Investigators, IRB members, Policy makers, Clinical trials, Health-care facilities, South Africa, Qualitative (QL)

Stevenson, H.C. & White, J. J. (1994). AIDS prevention struggles in ethnocultural neighborhoods: why research partnerships with community based organizations can’t wait. AIDS Education Prevention, April 6(2), 126-139.
Community Advisory Board practices, Community Advisory Board, Community-engaged research, Neighborhoods, United States, Mixed methods (MM)

Vreeman, R., Kamaara, E., Kamanda, A., Ayuku, D., Nyandiko, W., Atwoli, L., & … Braitstein, P. (2012). A qualitative study using traditional community assemblies to investigate community perspectives on informed consent and research participation in western Kenya. BMC Medical Ethics, 1323.
Informed consent (adults), Adults (other)Community Advisory Board, Community-engaged research, Community organizations, Kenya, Qualitative (QL)

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