Guadamuz, T. E., Goldsamt, L. A., & Boonmongkon, P. (2014). Consent challenges for participation of young men who have sex with men in HIV prevention research in Thailand. Ethics and Behavior, 25 (2), 180-195.
Assent and self-consent (children and adolescents), Informed consent (adults)Research risks and benefitsStigmaPeople at risk for HIVSexual and gender minoritiesThailandQualitative (QL)

Lazovski, J., Losso, M., Krohmal, B., Emanuel, E. Z., Grady, C., & Wendler, D. (2009). Benefits and burdens of participation in a longitudinal clinical trial. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 4(3), 89-97.
Research risks and benefits, People living with HIV, Clinical trials, Health-care facilities, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Quantitative (QT)

Rongkavilit, C., Naar-King, S., Chuenyam, T., Wang, B., Wright, K., & Phanuphak, P. (2007). Health risk behaviors among HIV-infected youth in Bangkok, Thailand. Journal of Adolescent Health, 40, 358e1-358e8.
Assent and self-consent (children and adolescents), Adolescents, People living with HIV, Health-care facilities, Thailand, Quantitative (QT)

Sugarman, J., Corneli, A., Donnell, D., Liu, T., Rose, S., Celentano, D., & … Metzger, D. (2011). Are there adverse consequences of quizzing during informed consent for HIV research?. Journal Of Medical Ethics, 37(11), 693-697.
Informed consent (adults), People at risk for HIV, People who inject drugs, Clinical trials,Health-care facilities, China, ThailandQuantitative (QT)

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